Sunday, December 18, 2011

Sunday Favorites


My Redneck Family

Many years ago I brought a friend that was visiting from Colombia on a road trip up north to see my parents. I wanted him to see beautiful northern Minnesota.  We stopped at my sister Kim's house to visit and go ice skating on her pond.  She has a picture winow in her living room overlooking her beautiful yard.

This is the view from her living room.

Here's what it looks like in winter.

Anyway, we were all sitting in her living room, gazing at the view.  Right outside the picture window, Kim set up a birdfeeder so she could watch the birds from her couch.  A tiny chipmunk scampered across the roof of her porch, eating the birdseed.  I think my Colombian friend liked that the best.  We stared and stared at God's beautiful creation, as it ate and scampered and ate and scampered.

Suddenly "KAPOW!" the chipmunk fell over dead.  My sister shot it from her bedroom window.  Apparently the dirty varmints had been stealing her birdfeed for years and she'd had it.  You should have seen poor Ricardo's face.  It was kind of like this scene from the movie Australia:

Now that I think of it, poor Ricardo actually DID get to "see" beautiful northern Minnesota.

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Mom said...

Yeah, that Kim, she's a chip off the old block, she is.

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