Saturday, December 10, 2011

Pro-Soap? YES.

This week I'm totally obsessed with Soap.  Don't laugh, those of you who know me well.  I been showering every day, thank you very much.  (Stupid job.)  

Anyway, I bought some Hairy Sasquatch Shave Bar and my Fireweed, Lavender, Geranium soap from the lovely Brittany at Pro-Soap Propaganda on Etsy!  Thank you, Brittany (also a blogger at Pro-Soup Propaganda).  Your wonderful shave bar makes me actually want to shave my legs.

Laziness and Cheaphood dictated the use of regular bar soap in the past when I shaved, so I really can't make any comparisons for the Shave Bar vs. Shave Gel, but I will say that it doesn't get too lather-y, and is nice and thick and smells SO GOOD.

The Fireweed, Lavender, Geranium soap is really awesome because it has lots of scratchies in it.  This is perfect for Arizona where there is absolutely no humidity and my skin gets so dry and itches all the time.  I get in the shower and that bar acts like a great big scratching post.  It feels so good.  And ooh, it smells yummy too!

How adorable is this packaging?

Shave bar on top, Fireweed, Lavender and Geranium on bottom.

These scratchies are amazing.

Check out Brittany's blog.  She's Pro-Soup, she knows how to make lots of stuff, and she's from Ketchikan, Alaska!  (Only really interesting and lovely ladies come from there.)

Make sure to enter coupon code "HEYLADY", because she's offering my readers a 10% discount!  


Anne said...

I LOVE homemade soaps too! I will check out this site fo sho!

Go to Soapy Joes on Etsy and check out her stuff. I just started getting soap from her and I love it.

Brittany said...

Woooooo hoo! Thanks for the awesome post! I've already received one order from a reader, so YOU BOTH ROCK!!!

A Lady Reveals Nothing said...

Well they're in for a treat for' sho'.

Kerry said...

I'm a sucker for handmade soaps, driving poor John (who doesn't see the point) crazy. I like goats milk soap best, especially when it's wrapped in a cool little package.

Josette said...

Just placed an order, I think my Ketchikan skin will like this soap!

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A Lady Reveals Nothing
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