Friday, September 20, 2013

Hanna the Potter

My niece Hanna is quite a little potter. She basically spent her 11th and 12th grades of high school in the Pottery Studio, making infinite bowls and plates and coffee cups and tea pots and I gotta tell ya, her work has gotten pretty good. Sure, she's had her mishaps:

I still love this one! It holds all my earrings.

I use her stuff all the time! That one is where I keep my quarters for laundry and that one is where I put candy if I ever have any and that one I plan to have a bowl of soup in if I ever make any soup.

Aren't they great!?!

And this one just looks cool but sometimes a piece of mail will go in there until I can read it later:

OK. So. All that stuff is great, yes. But pictured below is my absolute favoritest piece of pottery that Hanna has ever given to me. And she didn't even intend for it to be used the way I use it, but I told her and she thought it was pretty AWESOME, as do I. As do I.

Looks perfectly innocent, doesn't it? Sitting there, so pretty on top of the toilet? (For photographic purposes I removed the roll of toilet paper, the candle, the matches, my flatiron, a hair tie, a pair of earrings and a bottle of hairspray.)

YES. So innocent.


HA!  You didn't guess, did you? It's nefarious purpose?  TAMPON HOLDER. Put in your orders now ladies and I'll see if I can't getcha one. Only $79.95 plus tax and shipping and handling and a finder's fee for me.

She did not pot the turtle.

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Jacqui said...

I had to stop myself from taking some of the so cool Hanna-made pottery from your apartment when we visited this summer. I wish we lived closer. Willow is an artist too and would love to learn how to make pottery. I bought her a pottery wheel and some clay but we couldn't figure out how to use either. :(

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