Wednesday, September 11, 2013

What a HAG

You know how sometimes you hold a door open for somebody and they don't thank you and you're like, WHATEVER?


The other day I went to the post office and as I was walking in, a very nice lady was walking out. I could tell she was nice because she made eye contact with me and she smiled. I held her gaze and smiled back. She held the door and waited for me to enter before she exited. I sort of gave her an extended smile/nod and went in.

After she walked out I could hear her say"YOU'RE WELCOME!" in the rudest, meanest tone ever. Did I do something wrong?

Was I supposed to smile, nod, make long long eye contact AND say 'thank you'?

How am I supposed to know all the crazy people's rules?

Failing at Life


Sarah said...

I had the exact same situation once! But it was a guy. He held the door and I smiled and nodded and walked through and he yelled "YOU'RE WELCOME!" and I really couldn't understand the hostility, so I said, "Excuse me?" He said, "When someone pays you a courtesy it is polite to acknowledge it with a 'thank you!'"

I think he was miles more rude by giving me an etiquette lesson than I was for not verbally saying THANK YOU.

A Lady Reveals Nothing said...


I think it's totally different when somebody totally doesn't even acknowledge the gesture, but I feel like I totally did! Also I'm one of the good guys, lady, come ON!

Anonymous said...

Hey. Be like me. I always just open the other one and clearly go in that side.

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