Monday, September 16, 2013

Shashage Links

No need to go internet surfing, folks. I did it for you. And here's what I found:

Dang those Japanese for keeping their whiskeys away from us Americans!

I figure if I pre-order one of these cuddle mattresses, the men will just come flocking, right?

A cute little vid about what it's like to have a brother with Autism (TEARJERKER! Reminds me of my nephews Miles and Murph):

I have been waiting a really, really long time for this.

I saw a display at the Uptown Art Fair from this guy, who takes the most adorable photos of little mini people skiing down cupcakes and mowing broccoli.

This guy is spending an entire year pretending it is 1986 to get his kids' off the iPhones. (thanks, Shash)

Speaking of getting off the iPhones:

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