Thursday, November 28, 2013

Pet Peeves

I have so many pet peeves!

One of them is not posting on my blog. ha.

When I'm feeling like there's nothing to write I might cheat and just post one of my many million pet peeves. So here goes:

I hate it when:

You know when you're in the car on the on-ramp to get onto the freeway and you're being metered and everybody has to get into two lanes? Well, I'm really good at figuring out quickly which lane is the best one. I have lots of tricks, like if there's a semi truck in one of the lanes I get in that lane, because the meters are every-other and a semi takes up the space of like four cars and so DUH, you'll get to go first if you get behind the semis. (Don't worry the pet peeve is coming.) Another trick if I'm desperate is to just really quickly visualize the every-other pattern that's happening and get in the lane that lets you go first.


I will never understand why people get in the wrong lane! I laugh to myself when they go right and left was the way to go. I love that when we get up to the lights I get to go before them because THEY picked WRONG.

The pet peeve?

When they go in front of me anyway. Speed off like a whiney baby, peeling their tires to show me.


Am I the only one? Do you also hate this?


Anonymous said...

I'm usually not in that much of a rush to care that closely.
but what about driving down the center lane? That is a big one for me. You are NOT supposed to be moving in the center lane. You're traveling WITH all of the cars where there is NO space. If you WAIT, the cars pass you and then there IS A SPACE. Ugh. Happy Turkey Day!!

A Lady Reveals Nothing said...

The beautiful thing is that the day after turkey day has no traffic at all and I get to work in eight minutes.

Anonymous said...

How is it beautiful that you have to work the Friday after Tday??

A Lady Reveals Nothing said...

Free pizza. Half day. Pajamas. Good traffic. Not wasting a vacation day. Beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Okay, you got me.

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