Monday, November 11, 2013

Shash-age Links

I think I really need to have a few Japanese babies so I can make them these adorable lunches every day.

This interview of two girls who found the scissors is pretty stinking hilarious. 

These old time photos don't seem so old-time-y anymore now that they've given them a modern facelift. I wonder, will today seem like "old times" in the future, since our photos are so true-to-life nowadays?

I want one of these un-helmets invented by two Swedish women. Too bad they're more expensive than my bike...

There are many reasons to love Minneapolis, and it's bikability is high up on that list. 

Summer saw this guy first, but if she doesn't marry him I'm a-going to:


Megs said...

Father John Misty's sweet dance moves are my new favorite thing.

Chris said...

Go for the lunches at work!

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