Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Station Wagon

When we were kids my parents had a pea green station wagon. It was very, very ugly and embarrassing and we tried very hard to never get dropped off at school in it. 

We were eight people and we all rode around in that thing. Two parents and a kid up in the front, three kids in the back and Kasey and I sat with all the luggage in what we called the "back-y-back", or the cargo-hold. I also remember sometimes sitting in the space where people's feet go in the back seat after losing the "who gets the hump" fight if and when there were too many suitcases and boxes of pigeons in the back-y-back. Boxes of pigeons? What the? That's another story. 

Anyway, the car was ugly. Other people got the new invention they called the "mini van" or the "Astro van" but we Hexums drove around in a station wagon. Gosh it was ugly. The color of green puke. One day, my mom got into an accident and totaled it. Nobody was hurt thank goodness but the car was a goner. We kids hip, hip hoorayed! because: no more ugly car.

Yah, right.

Hal and Dianne promptly went and bought our old car's ugly step-cousin, the even uglier poop brown station wagon.

Something drew me to this painting (currently hanging in my bedroom) by local artist Neal Perbix. I'm not sure what.


TILTE said...

We had a giant station wagon, too. It had once been painted black, but by the time we owned it, it was more like a primer grey. We called it "the boat." On warm summer days, I would put on my swimsuit to wash the boat, which usually involved sliding from the top, down the windshield, and into the hood.

Chris said...

Just wanted your interpretation of the painting. Is the car driving through a tornado or is it telling a story about a bird? We had a "wagon". It was my Dad's car. Since there were only two of us, my sister and I took turns having the back. It was the coolest car ever! It had the 'wood' panels and everything. #spoiled

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