Sunday, March 21, 2010

Movin' On

I'm pretty sad to leave Thames...(pronounced Tems)   I had such a nice time here.  Yesterday I got to play touch rugby!  A group of us gathered at the high school field.  I guess we had 10 people actually so it was five on five.  Age ranged from like 10 years old all the way up to I'd say one guy in his 60's.  So everybody lines up facing eachother at the halfway point, and one team kicks it to the other.  They let it fall to the ground, then pick it up and start running.  You can only pass it backwards, so everybody tries to run in a line and sort of pass it sideways and look for gaps and run it through.  The touchdown is called a 'try'.  We weren't tackling, just 'touch' so if somebody touched you, you just drop the ball, put it through your legs (why this is so important I'm not sure) and then somebody can pick it up behind you and run it again.  But the person who picks it up can't score so you kind of have to pass it.  You get 6 touches and then it's the other team's ball.  If you pass it and the person doesn't catch it, it's automatically the other team's ball.  This I screwed up many times. 

But I got a try!  Somebody passed me the ball, and instead of passing it immediately I saw a gap and ran it into the endzone.  I kind of thought that maybe they just gave it to me, but by that point everybody was so so so tired, so I don't think they had the energy to get me.  Anyway right before I ran it in, I said, "I've got nothing left!" and then scored.  So for the rest of the game, the other players on my team would say, "I've got nothing left!" and then run off.  Oh, and they called me "Minnesota."  Which I liked.

Good times.  So now I'm off to Christchurch and some of my new friends have referred me to another touch rugby game next Sunday so I'll probably play again.  It's fun.  And a HUGE workout.  I forgot my camera, so no photo.

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