Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Sweet Story

So Henry has a nickname for all of his kids, his dog, pretty much everybody.  He calls his wife Pet, his kids are like Grub, Fat, etc.  But when he first met Marion he called her Steve.  Never called her Marion, just Steve.

Well this was the 50's and Marion's friend thought that was the worst thing she had ever heard and so she told Henry, "Her name's NOT Steve, it's Marion!" and then he never called her Steve again.  Just Marion, or "Pet", his other nickname for her. 

Well, they had their first baby, a boy, and Marion named him Glenn.  They agreed that their first girl she could pick the name also, but when it came time to name a second boy or a second girl, Henry could choose their names.  When their second boy was born, they were in the hospital, and the nurse asked her what the name was and Marion said, "I don't know, Henry hasn't told me yet."

Henry said, "let's name him Steven".  Then he said, "I used to have a mate named Steve.  Good chap."

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prettiest sister said...

Very cute!

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