Sunday, March 28, 2010

Pine Nuts and other Frustrations

So my pine nuts were, in fact $109.99 per kilo.  The confusion came in because they are listed as $10.99 at the place where you buy bulk nuts.  But that is per 100 grams, and at the register they charge you per kilo.  Whatevs!  I went back to the grocery store for more food and just brought the receipt with me.  So I didn't waste a trip to the store or anything.  But I was just a teensy bit embarrassed, standing there, expecting my $6 refund, then being told I didn't get one, and then still standing there in disbelief, like, "please can I just have my $6?". 

Anyway, we had TACO night last night and I made the most yummiest guacamole ever.

So now I'm trying to get serious about flights out of Christchurch through Bali and Singapore to Bangkok.  I'm finding prices to be around $700 US from NZ to Bali, and then $700 US from Bali to Bangkok with a 4 day stop in Singapore.  But now the question is, is that a good deal?  Who knows.  What is expensive?  Just because when you search, you'll find flights also for $2300, does that mean the flight for $700 is cheap?  Can't I just fly out of here for like $250?  Jeez.

I booked a train pass on something called the TransAlpine from Christchurch to Greymouth for Wednesday.  The girls here said I can leave half my stuff and just take what I need with me, so that will lighten my load a bit.  I'm going to rent a car in Greymouth so I can drive down the west coast of NZ to see glaciers (New Zealanders pronounce this 'glassy-ers') and snow-capped mountains.  I'm going to maybe do a heli-hike up a glacier, which means I'll have to rent boots with spikes on the bottoms.  Sounds like fun, eh?

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Anonymous said...

That sounds really fun...I want to see those new zealand glaciers and fjords so bad. Let us know how they compare with Norway.

Miss you!


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