Friday, May 27, 2011

Hal-isms!!! They're Back. Vol. 13

Well, I'm home now, facing an entire summer living in my parents' cabin house.  In much closer proximity than last summer, when at least I had the whole upstairs to myself and they were way down in the basement.  Now my bedroom is a loft above the living room and kitchen, completely open and with no privacy.  And these ol' folks get up early.  Yarg.  I have to say though...being here...I'm happier'na hoorah.  (I'm in the middle of watching True Grit).  I even have a couple new Hal-isms already!  I bet you missed 'em.  I know I did.

To my niece, who plugged her iPod in and stretched the cord across a walkway: "I love you Karley, but I've loved a lot of dogs I've had to shoot."

Demonstrating his command of the Spanish language: "Donde esta.  Muy bien.  Por que anamos aqui."

On eating for weight loss: "What's the matter, can't you just have a portion?  Like me?  I just have a portion."

And, our very first Dianne-ism: "You're just sayin' that cuz you don't mean it."

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