Monday, May 23, 2011

Hanna's Dream. Warning: Gross

Skype conversation between my 16-year-old niece Hanna and me:

[2:04:08 PM] Hanna: wanna hear about a dream I had last night?

[2:04:40 PM] Kady: mary poppins?

[2:04:48 PM] Hanna: no

[2:04:59 PM] Hanna: I was riding the school bus.  A girl named Marissa who used to ride my bus was on the bus and had an Agatha Christie book, and in the book Miss Marple solves the mystery and discovers who the crook is because she discovers that a man is actually a woman, which she discovers by finding a bloody tampon in the toilet in the men's bathroom.

[2:06:41 PM] Kady: now that's good detecting

[2:06:47 PM] Hanna: so in the book there was an illustration of Miss Marple peering into a toilet filled with bloody tampons

[2:07:01 PM] Kady: hahahaha  "I always catch my man. Even when he's a woman."

[2:07:25 PM] Hanna: the bus driver got disgusted by this picture and forced Marissa to throw the book away, he thought it was inapropriate.  I saved the book from the trash and gave it back to her because I really liked Agatha Christie books.  Then we had a good laugh over men and tampons and how silly they are about it

HILARIOUS.  And yes, men are very silly about tampons.  For a good example of this, do yourself a weird favor and click here.


Cousin Jacqui from Texas said...

Our annual summer visit is going to be June 4th-15th. Any chance we might get to see you????

Kady said...

Oh yah baby I'm already planning on it.

I see you figured out how to type your name in the comment thingee!

Lars said...

I'm probably never gonna "click here" on that.

and if you need any help in la paz, let me know, since "I know people..".

btw, back in Norway now. Its great. more than great.

and one more thing; is this making me one of those creepy starers? (since we actually just met for a couple of hours, and I'm checking out you're blog a month later?)

Kady said...

Yah -- maybe a little creepy. But, I make an impression. Now really, you weren't just a little curious about the 'click here'? Go ahead, do it! You might learn something about the good old United States of America!

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