Wednesday, May 25, 2011

More Bad Travel Stuff recap:

Lost wallet
Got very sick for 5 days
Missed out on Bolivia
Had to take 9 hour boat instead of 2 hour bus
Had passport confiscated and wasn't sure if I would get it back in time to fly home
Camera stolen

That was before today.

Today, I flew to Lima and then Miami and then got on a flight to Chicago.  All boarded and doors closed, and then it was announced that the flight was cancelled for weather in Chicago.  I stood in line for hours and the best the airline could do was route me through New York, but 8 hours late.  But there was a chance, if I got onto an 11:05 flight to New York, that maybe it would be early and I could make a connection to Minneapolis at 2:20.  Well, we landed in New York at 1:50!  I thought, I can make this!  You don't even know the stress I experienced as I watched all the stupid slow people get their stupid slow bags from the overhead compartments, but ten minutes later I was RUNNING through the airport.  I made it through security in no time.  The gate was close!  I ran up to the counter with a huge smile on my face.  "I'm on standby, can you get me on this plane?"  And to everyone else standing there, "I CAN'T BELIEVE I MADE IT!!!!!!!!"

Now maybe I could still meet all my plans for Minneapolis (I have ten minutes there and 40 things to accomplish before heading up to the north woods, including a haircut.)

Now, from me to you.  A lesson in life.  The next time it's in your power to help someone, for gosh sakes, just do it.  Unlike the asshole (yah you heard me) who wouldn't check me into the flight.  Instead, he threw up his hands and paced back and forth and kept muttering stressfully 'I have to close the flight'.  'getting you on it would take 'more than 5 minutes'.  Later, when I came back from sobbing in the bathroom to get my new boarding pass, he finally decided to take those 5 minutes.  And of course, it took precisely 14 seconds to put me on the next flight.  Departing 5 hours later.

So now I'm stuck in New York.  I had $15 in my pocket (remember, wallet stolen).  I figured I was mostly upset due to starvation, so I went to go to a sit-down restaurant and get a much-needed drink.  Not possible.  Just Auntie Annie's and a stupid premade sandwich counter.  So I selected a chicken caesar wrap.  Which turned out to be Southwest Tuna when I sat down to eat it.

Can things get any worse? 

Oh yes, they can.  I just spilled water in my crotch and now it looks like I peed my pants.


Kelly said...

Kady I wish you had cell. We could chat while I'm on my 16 hour drive to northern MN. Went through hell and back with Karley Knevil behind the wheel. 70 Mph sheets of rain no visibility. Yee haw.

Sarah said...

Well, that all just totally sucks. I think that is a TERRIBLE way to end such a big, fantastic trip. I had to laugh about the crotch water though. Ha ha, you look like you peed your pants!

Anne said...

Ok, it's just time for you to come home, now. I can't take the stress!!

Welcome back to exotic Northern MN. At least you can drink the water.

Kim said...

By the way, you have to make time to come to Cook. You have to meet your adoring fans (fan?). I've got at least one girl from work following your blog, and we fill the others in on your adventures. You'll probably have to set aside time now to do a speaking tour.

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