Friday, May 20, 2011

The Painted Veil

I can't believe I have only blogged 8 times so far this month.  That must be a record of inactivity for me.  (Sorry about that mom.)  Anyway I have a good reason.  As soon as I finished hiking the Inca Trail, I was overcome with fever and the Trots so bad I have done nothing but sleep and poop and watch movies.  I joked on facebook that I would love one of those handy cholera beds they had in the Painted Veil, you know, the one with the hole and the bucket?

Hopefully, since I'm headed back to Minnesota next week (!), sooner if I can get a hold of the airline, I'll have plenty of time to wax poetic about the last year-and-a-half of travel, mixed with some more of your favorite Hal-isms, which is 30% of the reason I love living with my parents.  (The other 70% being my mom's cooking.)
But first let's do a quick tutorial on being sick and alone in another country.
  1. Get a private room.
  2. Learn how to download movies.
  3. Make the staff feel very very sorry for you. 
Some disgusting stats about the last 4 days:
  1. There has been one shower.
  2. I have brushed my teeth twice.
  3. I have only eaten one piece of fish and four small bread rolls and part of one fried egg.
  4. I have pooped out way more than the equivalent of that.  So what the what?
  5. I watched a ton of Modern Family and a buncha movies, including Toy Story 3 which made me cry and cry.
  6. I haven't changed my clothes.  Even to sleep.

    I'm not even trying that hard to look pathetic.
The good news is my room is pretty comfortable and only $15.  My only complaint is that the pillow is a rock hard fat thing.  Oh, and the Runs.


Kelly said...

Can't wait to see you on Thurs!!!! Get better, looking forward to the wine and song.

prettiest sister said...

By the way who is bringing Karaoke?

Or are we going to have uncle Dan bring a couple of guitars and do it the real way???

Hobo Siren said...

The only thing I find shocking is the brushing teeth only twice. Is that an exaggeration? And Kelly- why bother with karaoke? I'm not gonna make it this year.

Anonymous said...

malibu rum chocolate bars, malibu rum chocolate bars, malibu rum chocolate bars!!!!!! don't forget malibu rum chocolate bars!

Kelly said...

Exagerative in that she bumped up the once to twice.

Kady said...

I'll do my best Nikki -- but remember now I have no wallet :(

Flaggy said...

Was your toothbrush in your wallet?

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