Saturday, August 6, 2011

Country Cousins

Cousin Jacqui from Texas came up to visit!  You may remember her from such stories as the 'Tuba Tutor'.  Her mom (my auntie Betsy) and daughters (Willow- 10, and River-5), and my aunties Julie and Debbie drove up from Hutchinson.  Apparently it took 10 hours to get here.  The entire way I was getting texts from Jacqui:
  • Looks like we're heading into a thunderstorm...we might not be there until tomorrow morning.
  • A kid just passed us on a trike.  I was tempted to ask for a ride...
  • Stopped at a bakery. Stopped at a coffee shop. Stopped at a bead store.  Stopped at a gas station.
  • Finishing up lunch in Walker.  I think this is the never ending trip.
  • Just saw a sign that says Blackduck.
  • And we just got stopped for 20 minutes for road construction.
  • We just went through Baudette.  Please Lord, let it be over soon.
  • Just left Williams.  Stopped to pick up cereal and ice cream.
Needless to say, Jacqui was happy to finally get here:

The girls went straight to business eating popsicles and finding baby mini frogs in our fire pit.

And then I got straight to business receiving a 6-hands massage.  How great is my life?

Then we visited 'Silent City', the unfortunately-named cemetery where my family is buried:

Why is there a bullet casing on this poor couple's stone?  Never mind.

Sunflower patch!

(Check out that face.  Now imagine it for the following story.  My mom had a lot of kids, so she knows all the tricks, especially for getting rid of them when they're buggin' her, or in the way.  She just says very cheerily, "OK, see ya!  Love ya!  Bye!"  Well, River wouldn't fall for it.  With the above face and a robot voice, she said, "Me. Not. Leaving.")

Then cousin Corky came over and started telling the most hilarious stories about his colon cancer issues.  Apparently he knows exactly how to make his own gastro-tube (gas reliever) out of a piece of surgical tubing, a match, and a knife.  He said he got about 5 minutes of fart out of it. 

Here's Jacqui and Julie's reaction as Cousin Sheriel said, "oh, and the stink!"

...And Willow found a 7-leaf clover!!!  (I was kind of jealous...)

...And River did her Gnomeo cheerleader impression.

...And we couldn't get my dad to shut up, so Jacqui did the best she could:

...And River spent three days petting this dead bear.  Is that weird?

See ya next year, Crazies!

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