Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Kelly and the Tampons

Yesterday at work, I went to the co-ed employee bathroom.  Whilst in there, I noticed a tampon applicator in the garbage.  The paper here, the applicator there...with no effort whatsoever to cover them up.  No toilet tissue wrapping, no shoving it down in the garbage, no nothing.

It wasn't mine.  But somebody might see me leave the bathroom...and think it was mine.  So here I was, shoving paper towel on top of it and smooshing it down into the bin.  And I didn't even do it! 

Part of being a woman around a bunch of guys is accepting the fact that the assumption will be...the tampon is yours.

Consider the following story.  When Kelly bought her first house, she right away (within the first month) had an issue with the septic and invited a bunch of guys over to dig it up and fix it.  She was playing hostess, and went out to serve lemonade on a tray to all the workers.  All of the men were standing over the hole in the ground, staring.  As she approached, they looked at her, disgusted, like she was the most grossest, stupidest person in the world.  She didn't get it until she saw what they saw in the hole:

Hundreds and thousands and millions and trillions of tampons.  Completely filling the hole in the ground.  She was horrified.  But it wasn't her!  Logically, you can't produce that many in just one month!  Try explaining that to a bunch of dudes.  She just shrugged her shoulders and went back in the house, branded forever the girl who flushes tons of tampons.

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