Wednesday, August 24, 2011

New Orleans, Day One

  • I arrived in New Orleans last night at 10:30pm.  
  • Rented fabulous new company car.
  • Got lost in a sketch neighborhood.
  • Locked doors at an awkward moment between me and a dude yelling at another dude.
  • Found new apartment.
  • Struggled with luggage.
  • Told a bum I didn't have any cash and please don't help me with my luggage.
  • Met Summer and Ashley and Edie, watched some Project Runway.

  • Slept on uncomfortable too-short couch, since landlady inexplicably still lives in what is supposed to be my bedroom.
  • Showed up for work.
  • Learned that we do not say "B" at work.  We say "Bravo".  We do not say "F". We say "Foxtrot".
  • Had first (and definitely not last) fried shrimp po'boy for lunch.


  • Got a badge card.  (Check out my company car)  :

  • Accidentally made fun of boss' accent.  By repeating his exact phrase about Walmart in a mocking tone.
  • Finally the landlady moved out.  Our apartment couldn't be more adorable.

  • Balcony!!

Summer is purposely making a weird face here, if you were wondering.


Porch living room!

  • Fell in love with the neighborhood.  (It looks just like it's supposed to.  From my imagination.)

  • Had rabbit and shrimp jumbalaya, deep fried oysters and crab claws, a beer and went to bed.


Anonymous said...

Love IT! What a score. I've followed along, but cannot remember what job you're doing. What is up next for the Fabulous Krazy KD?

mark shoberg

Anne said...

I love your life! (this is way more exciting than Roosevelt, Mn btw. remember we're ((us married folk in suburbia)) are living vicariously through you. no pressure, though...)

I'm with Mark... what the heck is your new job there?? Details please!

Anne said...

P.S. that apartment is so awesome. Unbelievable, really!

Sam said...

Looks FANTASTIC!! Lots of memories to be made! I'm with Anne, "we're living vicariously through you."

Anonymous said...

when i read the bit about not saying "B" or "F" i thought that you were using euphemisms for cuss words at work. i get it now. but it would be funny my way too. lovely apt, lovely ladies!

Hobo Siren said...

yeah I'm only making a weird face in that second photo

Mom said...

About the weird face...River looks just like Summer!!! Love the apt. Where is the stove, by the way?

Laura said...

So, does this apartment offer any time shares?

A Lady Reveals Nothing said...

Ok yes. Mark and Anne, I followed up with a post all about my new job. Check it out.

klg, hilarious

Mom, there is a stove, just not in the photo.

Laura, yes it does actually, she does bed and breakfast's all in that link in the other post.

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