Thursday, November 29, 2012


This picture was taken shortly after Summer and I ran into each other's arms ran into each other's arms after meeting near the Taksim train station in Istanbul:

Ross, Summer and I walked for miles down to the Bosporus and found this food cart where a man made fresh fish sandwiches right in front us. They were so good I had two. Everybody acted like I was some huge gross fatty and I justified myself by saying, "Come on! It's basically like having a foot-long!"
Fisherman catch these off the footbridge and then sell them to the sandwich maker. I guess they're each about a foot long. Ha!
Trust me. You would want two, too. That crusted toasty bread and all the tomatoes and parsley and onion, guuuuh. After that we walked some more and found some ice cream. (After a foot-long *or two* what better way to fat it up than with some ice cream?) The man who was making them thought he was pretty hilarious and did this to us:
I think he knew better than to mess with Ross.


Jenny said...

Feel no shame. Those sandwiches were clearly worth it, and I'd have done the same. They look freakin' amazing.

Kerry said...

I might've had three, but then no room for ice cream.

A Lady Reveals Nothing said...

They were Jenny. They were.

Kerry - no judgment, and maybe even a pat on the back. Plus the ice cream in Turkey is crap. Not worth saving room for.

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