Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Evidentiary Proof We Got Off Our Lazy Butts and Did Something in Nepal

I had mentioned that Summer and I really lazied out and slept a lot upon arrival to Nepal. I tried to justify it by whining about how we had just spent fourteen consecutive nights in different places. Blah blah blah, poor us.

We knew we had to get up. And do something. Finally one day we did. We marched right across the road to a canoe rental place, paddled for 30 minutes to the other side of Lake Phewa, did some more marching up, up, up the stairs to the Peace Pagoda at the top of the mountain and then hiked right back down (1.5 hours round trip) and paddled back to our hostel in the dark. It should be noted that we still slept until 1pm that day, slowly had breakfast for two hours, and THEN rented the boat and went hiking.


Gorgeous hike. Just gorgeous.
And by gorgeous I mean WE were gorgeous.


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