Monday, January 14, 2013

Walking Across Borders

For whatever reason, you can't travel overland across some of our world's borders. Sometimes the bus will only take you so far, and dump you to walk across and catch another form of transportation on the other side. As a result, I have walked from Thailand to Malaysia, from Nicaragua to Costa Rica and the reverse, from Peru to Bolivia (due to a protest and the border being shut down), and now from India to Nepal. Summer and I got lucky on the train from Varanasi headed north for the border of Nepal, in that we met two Argentinians and five Hungarians. We nine were a perfect group to rent a jeep together to take us the additional three hours past the last train station to the border. In fact, we filled the jeep so full that the driver's helper had to sit on his lap. All for the same price as a gross bus ticket.
This jeep ride cost us just $2.50 per person.
I swear one pushed the pedals and the other steered.
Welcome to Nepal!
First Nepali beers.


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