Thursday, January 10, 2013

"No More."

Summer has this thing where she falls in love with necklaces in shop windows, and the shops have this thing where they tell her the necklace she loves is $350. Then she does this thing where she says, "oh, too expensive" and then they do this thing where they say, "how much you pay?" but she can't come anywhere near that price so it's just a little embarrassing and we move on. One particular necklace baffled us, because it really looked like it was in her budget. Just a beaded number, and nothing special to indicate its expensive price tag.


As I remarked to Summer that the beaded necklace looked like should have been $12.00 and for added emphasis, "No more. No less." we were being followed by a couple of musical instrument salesmen, playing their musical instruments for sale.


In a situation not unlike this humiliating one, I accidentally looked straight into the eyes of the musical instrument salesman, playing us a lovely little tune on his little ukelele, just as I said the "No More." part of that sentence.

Super street smart, and savvy.




1 comment:

Chris said...

So, did Summer get her $12 necklace?

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