Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I'm cleaning my bedroom right now!

What a freaking mess.

I haven't dusted since 2004 when Keri came over and helped me clean. GROSS! I'm not a disgusting person, and take pride in a clean house, but this mentality somehow doesn't spread to my bedroom. In my bed, I found 3 remote controls, a bag of corn, a neck cozie, two magazines, two books, three extra pillows, a WINE GLASS, two pairs of old pajamas and a sweater. On the nightstand were three empty bottles of wine, two coffee cups, two more wine glasses, a bottle of Nyquil, 473 ponytail holders, a digital camera, four tubes of chapstick, a tin of Carmex, a tube of self-tanning lotion, a travel brush, and my watch. Next to the nightstand is a stack of every RealSimple magazine I have ever gotten, every Minneapolis Monthly I have ever gotten (I honestly don't remember subscribing to that one...) another empty bottle of wine. On the other side of the bed I found the present I bought Kelly from South Africa but never mailed, a HUGE teddy bear, a decorative pillow, a vacuum cleaner (ha!), two photo albums, a tax return, another empty bottle of wine. Under my bed were two three ring binders with house information, two empty water bottles, a golf ball, various scraps of paper.

This is just the immediate area around my bed folks. On my computer desk there is a journal, a cassette tape my high school boyfriend recorded for me of him playing the guitar on one side, and Nirvana on the other side, one of those things that keep the light out of your eyes when you're sleeping, 26 pens in a kitchen glass, a sticky note pad, a sweat band for my wrist, another digital camera, four Netflix mailers, 47 strips that I ripped off of Netflix mailers and never threw in the garbage, a book I just got in the mail, the wrapper and mail envelope that came with the book, a mortgage coupon from June 2007, a box of wine, a really cute card I made for my mom about a year ago and never mailed, a card my aunt send me that says, "Freddie the fart cloud hopes your day's a gas!", three pairs of earrings, another watch, my recipe book, two little cards that say, "you park like a jerk" that I always planned to stick on somebody's car, a ream of paper stolen from work, two exercise water bottles, a painting Cory made for me that I haven't gotten around to framing and hanging, and various office supplies, all covered in an inch of dust.

That is about one third of my room. I still have my two dressers, the two chairs and bookshelf sitting area, and my huge closet. I'm sick of listing things. This is no exaggeration. You get the picture.

I'm a slob! But no more! I'm gonna clean this CRAP up.

And then perhaps I will claw my way out of this crippling messy bedroom syndrome.

I should've taken a picture, but I was too embarrassed.


norwhales are the new unicorn said...

I finally used two of my cards yesterday. Two mid-sized SUVs taking up three spots in a packed full parking ramp. JERKS!

kasey said...

i want cards like that! where do you get them? you can keep the mess, i'm fully stocked up in that area.

A Lady Reveals Nothing said...

Krista Manuelson had them made. They're business cards. She gave me two and I was so excited to use them that I put them on my desk and they got lost in the shuffle.

I'm sure she has a whole box. Is that you, Sleeping Spot?

norwhales are the new unicorn said...

Yep! That's me! If Kasey wants some I still have at least 75 or so left. I think I enjoy giving them to friends more than actually leaving them on dashes!

Kelly said...

Kady, sleeping spot was obviously trying to remain anonymous.

I'm concerned that you are not drinking enough wine, its good for the stomach.

Please mail my present.

A Lady Reveals Nothing said...

I forgot to mention that I piled up all the clothes from my floor onto my bed and it took me the entire episode of Lost to fold the clean ones, hang the hang-y ones, put the wash ones in a wash pile and make a pile for Hanna and a pile for Arc.

Anonymous said...

Oh Come on please keep listing the rest of the items, please!

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