Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sleepovers and Saturday mornings

So after the soap making party I was saying goodbye to my friend Krista and then I was like, "see you tomorrow at 12:30" because she was coming back to get a massage from Nancy the next afternoon, and then I was like, "Hey! Just sleep over, duh!" And so she did. And so I'm really really sick I slept in until 11am, and then she woke me up and she said that she couldn't wait anymore to eat and that she had already walked to the store and Caribou and would I like some breakfast? And I came downstairs to find my Caribou coffee all warm, (because she had put a towel all around it to keep it warm) and then she made me HUEVOS. RANCHEROS. She baked some potato wedges, cooked some black beans, had fresh yummy guacamole and eggs over easy with cilantro on top. YUM!!! YUM!!! I love sleepovers and I love my friends and this was the best morning ever.

Check it out!

Oh, and then Nancy came and did 5 massages!

p.s. if you're wondering what I look like after a massage...

and that is a cold sore under my nose if you're wondering. part of me being SO SICK. Nancy gave me some toilet paper and I shoved it up my nose during the massage to catch all the dripping, and then I had a couple coughing spells and she said no wonder my back is sore, all of the muscles tensed right up for the coughing.


Andrea Schweikert said...


Anonymous said...

The picture of the huevos rancheros looks so much more appetizing.

By the way I like your friends meal, I love black beans with huevos rancheros.

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