Monday, March 16, 2009

Grandma Trudy

My grandma wasn't your typical grandma. She didn't really bake cookies...moreso she played bingo and chain-smoked. She used to make us scrambled eggs while smoking and the ashes would fall into the eggs. Anyways, she was a very cool lady. She survived breast cancer, a mean husband, 7 children, and a world war (Navy Gal). In fact, she met my grandpa Dick in San Diego when they were in the service.

Anyway this story is not about that.

One time when grandma looked more like this:

...she and I were hanging out in the upstairs bathroom of our house. It's a very huge room, bigger than my bedroom and attached to it. So you could hang out in it. Anyways, she and asked me to get her a towel. I ran to the basement because that's where all the clean ones were. When I came back upstairs the bathroom door was closed and so I knocked on it.

"Come in!", she says. So I come in.

And see her.
Completely naked.
Waiting for her towel.

That woman had no shame.


Anonymous said...

sounds sexy lol! i love abrasive old people with no shame they are so funny!

Anonymous said...

She was quite a lady, cigarette between each tooth. Awesome. She's at the big casino in heaven now, though. That is weird you posted this today, we just bought a 13 pack of playing cards from Sam's Club today and I was thinking about all those rejected cards she got from the casinos and gave to you girls.

A Lady Reveals Nothing said...

Perfect except for their clipped corners or hole punches in the center.

Always cased in a home made card holder.

Anonymous said...

You guys be nice.

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