Thursday, May 21, 2009

Alason's phone

My friend Alason has the crappiest phone I've ever seen. As always, the photo does not do it justice. She is unable to use the 'send' or 'end' functions without pushing parts of the inside of the phone around so that something clicks and the button pushes. And yet she stubbornly refuses to get a new phone. I took this photo at Big Bowl one night while we were waiting 50 minutes for TAKE OUT, and Nancy had called and she wanted to talk to me, so Alason hands me her phone and I talk to Nancy for a while. Then it's time to hang up and I'm like, "???"
We laughed so hard. And then she got out a hanger, a paper clip and a piece of gum and hung up the call for me.


Anonymous said...

I love Alason's phone. I think she keeps it so she can pretend to be McGuyver.

Hanna said...

Ha! I was totaly thinking she was like McGuyver too!

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