Sunday, May 31, 2009

Grand Ole Party

Not an obsessed fan or anything...this girl and her drumming though...super spesh! Took an ounce of my attention away from Karen O.

And here's a picture of the dude that we hung out with - on the left.

Nancy told him she wanted to cut his hair. He told us all kinds of stuff about the music biz and we had lots of questions. Here's what we got out of him:
1. These guys met in college.
2. Kristen is married.
3. Yeah Yeah Yeahs pay them $250 per show, basically a tip and the payment is really all the publicity of getting to open for a high profile band.
4. About seven people get a cut of that $250, before the band does.
5. They drive a van to shows, and try to crash at friends' houses, to save money for hotels.
6. The Yeah Yeah Yeahs are nice people.
7. He was a philosophy major in college.
8. I think that's it. I did most of the other talking, as usual.

1 comment:

nance said...

I like that he made fun of us for our minnesota accents, and that he lied about his name originally. or was that me not hearing right again.

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