Monday, May 4, 2009

Sunday in Chicago

Well Sunday we pretty much had breakfast, shopped and ate and shopped and ate.

We had dinner at McCormick's and it was yummmmmmmmmmm. I had the crab legs and filet mignon and Teri had just crab legs. Caught on the boat that Deadliest Catch is filmed on!

We didn't have to be to the airport until 9pm so we had a nice full day of shopping. It was great. I ended up buying:
- 8 pairs of underwear. (Supplies are getting low.)
- A ridiculously expensive pair of jeans. Somehow got $50 off at the register, and still they were too much. But I love them. I think I might wear them every day this week.
- A pair of UGG sandals (cute!)
- A ring (from Tiffany's, I LOVE IT, and will never take it off.)

Here's a picture of the ADORABLE shoes Teri bought:

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