Saturday, May 2, 2009

Chicago Chicago you're a wonderful town

So I'm in Chicago! So far, the two most amazing things happened to me:

There is a TV in the mirror in the bathroom of my hotel room! You can watch the news while you brush your teeth.

Last night Teri and I wanted to walk to the Hancock building and get a martini in the lounge. We asked the hotel how far it was to walk and he arranged for us to take the private hotel car, which happened to be a $130k Lexus. For free! The driver showed us all it's little bells and whistles and we felt very spesh.

BUT here's how dumb I am:
When we got in the car, I didn't know what kind it was, but it looked really nice, and was quite comfortable in the back, so I go to the driver, "This is a nice little car." And he goes, "blah blah blah Hyundai $28000." And then I felt bad for the hotel and the car because it was like it was trying to look like a nice car with a driver but was only a Hyundai. And then Teri told me later he said, "a hundred and twenty eight thousand". And then when we got out I saw that it was a Lexus.

It was pretty cool to have our own private driver bring us to the Hancock Center.

The best view of Chicago happened to be in the women's restroom. We had a couple mojitos (at $14.50 a pop) and some snacks and then we went back to the hotel room.

Today we are going to go shopping. We just got done having a really yummy breakfast at 11 City Grill and it was TO DIE FOR. Teri had French Toast and I had a pesto basil omelette.

Off to Miracle Mile for some shopping and then we're meeting up with my mom and Pete and Kelly for a Greek dinner.


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Kim said...

Mom and Pete and Kelly are in Chicago???? What's up with everyone, and how come no one tells me anything?

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