Monday, October 5, 2009

The Evolution of Embarrassing Ross

These first photos were in Iceland, and I thought he should act like one of the statues, but he wouldn't do it, and frankly I think he was embarrassed that I did do it. The ladies who took the picture were waiting for him to do something and he never did.

In this one it looks like he is participating, but he's not, he's trying to get out of the shot:

"Here Ross, let's stand by this statue and do something crazy. Yes, do something crazy.":

And, here's that exact scenario, in Oslo, with the exact same result:

"Here Ross, do hang loose, like Inge Bjart!" Nope.

"Work it!, Work it! Strut your stuff, yes that's good!"
"Shut up, Kady."

(On the fjord) "Ross, go be 'King of the World'."
"I don't even know what that is."
"You haven't seen Titanic? Jeez!"

1 comment:

kasey said...

i love your crazy pose is just sticking one of your arms to the side.

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