Sunday, October 4, 2009

Scandinavia by the numbers

5 - Number of countries visited
50 - Number of episodes of The Office watched
3 - Number of nights slept on boats
1 - Number of nights slept on trains
5 - Number of nights slept on nice people's couches
42 - Number of dollars for most expensive meal
2 - Number of pants Ross brought with
3 - Number of times I wish I had just gotten out of bed and taken the Xanex already (paralyzed by fear while not sleeping)
8 - Number of the most people sleeping in one room
5 - Number of hats Ross bought
37 - Number of times Ross counted the days before we go home
115 - Number of times Kady embarrassed Ross
8 - Number of times Ross had to drink because he didn't make his bid in the card game
11 - Number of times Kady didn't make her bid
6 - Number of days of rain in West Norway
5 - Number of Minutes of sun in Bergen
17.5 - Number of hours on the boat from Helsinki to Stockholm
8 - Number of hours on the train from Bergen to Oslo
1,209 - Number of times Kady gasped and Ross thought something was wrong, but she just saw something pretty
57 - Number of minutes spent marinating in human stew in Iceland
14 - Number of times somebody said, "it's just 10 minutes walk"
0 - Number of times it was actually just 10 minutes walking
2 - Number of times we got lost
2 - Number of times we ran for the bus with backpacks on
1 - Number of times we made it onto the bus after running for it
3 - Number of bananas we usually buy
1 - Number of mountains climbed
1.5 million - Number of people in Stockholm
400 - Number of murders in Trinidad this year so far
42 - Number of zits pinched on Kady's face the night we finally got good lighting in the bathroom
1 - Number of beards grown
3 - Number of free refills stolen before knowing refills aren't free here
9 - Number of free bus rides stolen before Ross realized his bus pass was only good for one hour
5 - Number of languages I can say, "she pooped in her hand"
1 - Number of people who think that is cool
15 - Number of new friends met
28 - Number of times I have thought, "I could live here"
3 - Number of times Ross Shooshed me
37 - Number of times Ross wanted to Shoosh me
1 - Number of chances for us to get bedbugs before coming home


Anonymous said...

make that 2 people who think its cool that you can say "she pooped in her hand" in extra languages. You never know when that'll come in handy.Aaron.

Unknown said...

Double ditto that;-)

Anonymous said...

Kady, I think your estimates of the times that you embarrassed Ross and the times he wanted to shoosh you were seriously undercounted and you're awfully brave to admit you grew a beard. Love, Jacqui

Unknown said...

I'm feelin' the love, how 'bout you??

Flaggy said...

I can teach you how to say that in sign language. That would be REALLY cool.

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