Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Preikestolen photos

Here's a little photo special of hiking up Preikestolen. In this first photo you can see that we climbed about 300m up and about 2 hours across. (ha. I dont know how far it was, plus who cares about meters). When you get to the top, it's a 600 meter drop. What?

We were told to "follow the T's":
Rocky and steep:
A little swimming hole on the way up. In the summer, everybody stops and takes a swim.

Drops straight down on the left hand side. SCARY! (Can you see the T?)

I took this photo over the edge.

This was a tiny little ledge that we had to crawl around.

Can you see it beneath Ross' right foot?
Here's a crack that goes all the way down 600m. I was very scared in this picture.

This is Ross. As you can see when we finally got to the top (2 hour hike) it was fully enveloped in a cloud and very foggy. It was a blessing and a curse because we couldn't see anything, but yet we couldn't see anything, which probably gave us the confidence to stand there.

I inched up to the edge and this is what I saw:
You could totally fall man.

All the way to the top and my shoes were still white! (EXPERT)

Look how steep!

Such a beautiful view...pretty foggy though

This picture kind of shows how steep it was, and how rocky the path was:

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