Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Goodbye Scandinavia

Ok so everybody knows I have been home since Oct 5, so it's time I quit blogging about my stupid trip already. I'll leave you with the last photos that I took of Ross and I, trying to make frowns when we were walking to the train station in Stockholm about to leave Scandinavia perhaps forever.

I love trying to make a frown, it always ends up making me laugh so hard and then it's really really really impossible to make a frown. But, check us out. I think my frowns are a little more upside-down-smiles than Ross' straight-across-mouth.


Oh, and then on the plane ride home I had to get a pretend photo of me sleeping on Ross' shoulder. And how, dear reader, do you know it's pretend? Because who else is gonna take the photo? Me. Cousins-style. Hope you enjoyed reading about our fun adventure!

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