Thursday, July 22, 2010

My Mom, My Dad and I Watched "The Blind Side"

This was one of the boot-legged DVDs I picked up in Vietnam.  For $1.  It was the one that Summer and I just couldn't get around to watching.  We watched the other seven DVDs I bought and this was the very. Last. One.  And then I watched it a second time with my parents tonight.

You know that scene, where Michael Oher graduates high school, and Leigh Anne acts all nonchalant, dismisses him and then goes back to the car?  And then Michael Oher doesn't put up with that crap and goes back to the car to get a 'proper hug'?  Well my dad started crying.  Yes.  The mountain man cries.

Here is our actual conversation:

ME:   "Dad, why are you crying?"

DAD:  "It's everything I'm missing in life." *smirks*
ME:  "What?"

DAD:  "A loving family."  *smirks*

ME:  "Shut up!  I love you.  Now give me a 'proper hug'."

DAD:  "What?  The last one?  The very last hug?  If I told you to go to Ole' Miss, would you?  If I told you not to go to Bree-zil, would you not go to Bree-zil?  So you don't end up in some moss-eaten grave in some cave-mountain?"

Deep down, I know he loves me.  One day I tried to force him to say it.  You know, "I love you".  The best I got, was:

"You know I do.  I don't need to say it all the time."


Hobo Siren said...

That's weird because he's always telling me and Edie "I love you."

Hobo Siren said...

I can't believe I almost forgot to share your synopsis of the film: On explaining the plot to our Dutch friend, Clara- "A white woman in southern america adopts an adult black kid who is fat."

Anonymous said...

It's a Hexum trait. They're emotionally constipated. I love The Blind Side. SO GOOD.

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