Monday, July 12, 2010

Reunited...And it Feels so Good

I almost can't even believe it, but my suitcase arrived this weekend.  Since we parted in Bangkok back on April 25th, it sat in a travel agency until Summer picked it up around June 8th...and then she brought it to Vermont...where Nancy picked it up and drove it back to Hutchinson, MN...and then my aunts/cousins picked it up on their way from Texas and delivered it.  Brilliant plan, complete.

When my cousin Jacqui told me to go and get it out of the trunk, she said it was super heavy, huge and black. I had a heart attack because it's army green, with neon green plastic wrap and I didn't remember it being super heavy or huge.  Thankfully we were both mistaken and it was in fact my suitcase.

Take that, doubters!  If it makes you feel any better there wasn't really anything good in there, just a bunch of warm weather clothes.  I am most excited about the Tea Tree clay mask I bought in New Zealand for $20 and my hair goo.  Couldn't spare the weight at the time, I guess, but it's here now!

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