Thursday, January 19, 2012

Guest Post: Exploring The Twitter, by Minty Wafflefarmer

Looking for some insight on The Twitter? I'm still learning how the whole thing works. I follow a guy by the name of "Minty Wafflefarmer" and he makes me laugh every day. If you're not following, do it now.  I asked "Minty" to write a guest post to bring us up to speed on this whole Twitting thing, and he has also included his favorite Tweeters! Enjoy~ A Lady Reveals Nothing

Hello Internet word renderers,

My name is Minty Wafflefarmer (not a real name) and i use the "twitter handle" @australianimal and i am going to write about some things to do on the interwebz when you are bored or in the middle of a "very important" work meeting or job interview.

First off, there's the website called Twitter Its pretty new. Maybe you've heard of it? Some people don't understand Twitter. Its kind of weird. Twitter can be used for many things, but most newcomers are like "what is this? a bunch of Facebook statuseses?" because you only get 140 characters to put in a thought or something. For example you could put:

"I just brushed my teeth, but instead of toothpaste I grabbed the Preparation H. OH NO!" 

You can be a little share bear about any or every part of your daily life. Lots of REAL CERTIFIED CELEBRITIES are on Twitter and do just that. That can be for some people I guess. But for me, I am enjoying using Twitter to tell little short "jokes". I am on there anonymously and I enjoy putting strange silly little one-three liner jokes which hopefully will make some of my followers chuckle. I guess it's like pretending I am a stand up comedian and the followers are members in the audience. Anyway, you can get feedback on your jokes if you link your Twitter account to a service called Favstar. ( When someone retweets a tweet of yours or Favorites it, Favstar counts up each of those for each tweet you do and then you can see if a joke you told was funny to however many different people. Its like the laughs at a comedy show?  Here's a tweet I did awhile ago:

"When Renee Zellweger was little she'd ask her mom, "Can I be an actress when I grow up?" Her mom was all SHUT UP AND EAT YOUR LEMONS."

Here is a list of people on Twitter that I think write the most consistently funny jokes. Most are good clean fun, but: "Language Warning" sometimes.


You know what other sites are good for fun? and my goodness you could waste so much time on those and still have more fun than "going outside" also don't forget Words with Friends and Instagram if you haven't yet tried those/live in a cave. :) Thanks for your time today and follow me on twitter for a giggle or 40 or none depending on your tastes. 

 the albino koala "Minty Wafflefarmer"!/Australianimal

Shhhhhh!  Minty sleepy!

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A Lady Reveals Nothing said...

I also follow @meganamram. She's hilarious.

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