Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Guest Post: My Embarrassing Tampon Story

From my Sister Kim:

Our front yard was visible from at least 30 apartments as well as the neighboring houses.  Once, I was wrestling on the front lawn while neighbor kids and family were hanging around.  I was wearing an adorable pair of powder pink painter pants that had a long, skinny tool pocket down the leg.  It was a perfect sized pocket to store o.b. tampons.  Or so I thought.
One of the tampons fell out of the pocket.  I didn't see it until one of the neighbor kids was holding it up waving it, and yelling, “Hey, Kim, do you smoke?! I didn’t know you smoked!!”

Care to share an embarrassing tampon story in the comments?  (Of course you can remain anonymous, but you'll get 1 Million extra points for identifying yourself.)


Britnie Brewington said...

I was traveling to Atlanta by plane and I knew while I was in atl I would be getting my period so I pack the front pocket of my suit case FULL of tampons so I wouldn't have to buy them while I was down there. Well while I was going through security at the airport I was chosen to have my bags searched and the guard opens te front pocket and has to pull out like 40 tampons! I felt so bad for him! He looked horrified!

A Lady Reveals Nothing said...


Less embarrassing than just buying a box when you got there?

Lori Stewart Weidert said...

Is it fair to leave a link to mine? It's easier than telling it again, I'm just getting over it.


A Lady Reveals Nothing said...

That is perfect Gnightgirl. I would have DIED.

Anonymous said...

I was at school and on my period so i used the teacher's bathroom (its cleaner) Then i realized there was no trash can and the toilet couldnt flush it so i walked out with it wrapped up in toilet paper but my guy friend saw and was like "whats that!" And i was like NOTHING...NOTHING AT ALL

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