Monday, January 9, 2012

Ricky! Ricky!!

When I go running up in Roosevelt, Minnesota, usually I just go north up Rocky Point Road until I get tired and then turn around and go back home.  It's a pretty boring route, with nothing much to look at except expanses of gorgeous farmland and skies broad and blue.  These days it's pretty cold up there and so I get all strapped down with loads of clothes.

The other day I went for my run and when I got up near the Ravendahlen place -- one of two houses that I pass along my route -- I noticed that a woman was knocking on the door.  (In small towns you sort of get in everybody's business.  'I wonder who's visiting Mrs. Ravendahlen?  At this hour?')  I waved.  She waved back.  Then I could feel her looking at me, even though she was about 100 yards away.  She started walking towards me waving her arms.  She was yelling something.  I popped my earbud out of my ear.

I yelled, "Hi?"  Because she was behaving really strangely.

"Oh!!! I thought you were my Graaaand-SON!"

(She had been yelling, "Ricky!  Ricky!!")


Mom said...

Oh Ricky you're so fine, you're so fine you blow my mind. Hey Ricky, Hey Ricky!! With guys like you Ricky....Oh what you do Ricky, do Ricky!!!

Kelly said...

Lol Mom. I truly I did Lol, Kady.

prettiest sister said...

Man it doesn't matter if you are on the Southern border of the US or the Northern border of the US people think you look like a man. I guess it is national thing.

A Lady Reveals Nothing said...

You know it. Signed, Your Brother.

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