Thursday, January 12, 2012

Hal-isms, Vol 20

"Just because somebody says hi to you Kady, it doesn't mean they're hitting on you."

"Rowdy!  You consternation!  Why do you gotta be such a bectum?  Yah.  Wag your tail."

"I better go to the bathroom otherwise I'm gonna have a baby."

"I'd like to fish from shore.  Pick apples.  Grind a deer into a porridge.  Stuff it into a tube of gut.  Whatever them Indians ate."

"At work they called me Black and Decker.  Powerhead.  And it wasn't because of my big head -- it was because of how my head acts."


Davin said...

What is a 'bectum'?

Kelly said...

Probably cuz it rhymes with rectum. But I bet if Kady asks dad, the answer will be much more insightful.

A Lady Reveals Nothing said...

Davin, see this post. It might shed some light:

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