Monday, February 27, 2012

Getting Googled, Volume 8

I think it's easiest to just Google "Kady Hexum", or "A Lady Reveals Nothing", but there are other phrases that'll get you to this website.  Take these recent searches, for example:

  • weird toenails
  • oops panty moment
  • meaning of thick toe nail
  • sprained her ankle
  • cowboy boots jeans mens
  • girl forced to poop panties
  • old drunk man
  • pantypoop
  • embarrassing massage stories
  • fat ugly woman with thick glasses
  • fingernail fungus cartoon
  • front tooth decay filling
  • girl squishy toilet
  • pooped her slacks
  • girl poops pants
  • caught in peeing in porta potty
  • blonde ice fishing

Keepin' it Classy


mom said...

those earrings don't go with that necklace.

A Lady Reveals Nothing said...

Thanks mom. My only defense? Roadtrip.

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