Saturday, February 18, 2012

Hal-isms, Vol. 22

"Kelly?  Number two?  What a piece of crap.  None of them compare to you Kady.  You''re like the whipped cream on top of a big turd.  It's like...I want to eat the whole thing, but would it be worth it?"

The following Hal-isms come to you in the form of some voicemails I will save forever:

"Kady.  I am truly sick and your mom is laughing.  At twelve minutes to one.  I can't take it anymore Kady.  Bye."  *mom laughing in background*

"Kady.  This morning I hear, 'are you ready for breakfast Sweetheart?'  Guess who she was talking to?  Me, or the dog?"

"I don't know if you remember me Kady, but when you were a little girl I was your father.  I'll try to call you back."

"Kady I'm just calling you back.  Anyway.  I should have let you tell your side of the stories.  I love ya.  Let's see.  What else?"


Anonymous said...

hahahaaa he sounds like a gem!

Kelly said...

Kelly-isms: "Watch out Kady, he's reeling you in for the kill"

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