Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A Little Minneapolis Hoity Toit for Ya

Summer and I put on a little make up and a dress and went out for the Avoid the Grey fashion show at the Grain Belt Brewery building in Northeast Minneapolis.  

Our friends Josh and Delayna from Cliche boutique produce the annual event.  The concept for 2012 excluded the typical runway in favor of large plywood boxes in which models stood and guests had to peer into small holes to view them.  There were five boxes with one change out-midway through the evening for a total of ten looks. 

We were surprised to arrive to a line a half-block long and about 30 minutes wait to get in.  Thank goodness for pleasant weather.  Summer's brother provided the music:  

Ben.  Photo stolen from Citipages.com

There was a very voyeuristic vibe to the aesthetic, and I must say when the models made eye contact with me, I felt like a true Creepy Starer.  The following photos are mine.

A professional photographer set up shop in the corner to take photos of the models and the attendees:

Recognize the little lady on the left of this next photo?  It's Danielle from Season 9 of Project Runway.  I chatted with her for a moment and she told me that she was there as a designer of one of the looks, (seen here):

Property of Andreasen Photo

Of course I was dying to have my photo taken.  You know, as an attendee of a fashion show event.  In my mind I would look just like a model because they have all the good lighting and what-not.  Summer refused.  She didn't know where the photos would end up, and what if your pictures turn out bad?  I begged.  And begged.  She wouldn't budge.  Turns out, once again, I should have listened to her.  On a night where folks showed up looking like a million bucks...

Property of Andreason Photo

...I threw my dirty, crumpled up $20-bill in the pile.  This is what happens when I TRY to look pretty, folks.  And it ain't pretty.  Within 24 hours these photos showed up on the interwebz:

Property of Andreasen Photo

Property of Andreasen Photo

If you're into videos, check this out:


Mexican Mike said...

You never seem to fail me with your eccentricities, that's why I love your blog.

A Lady Reveals Nothing said...

Thanks, Mexican Mike! (I think?)

A Lady Reveals Nothing said...

...are you single?

Over 30?
A bicyclist?
Athletic, but not obsessed?
Healthy, but not annoying?
Intelligent, but not a genius?
A red-head?
NOT a carpet layer by trade?
Willing to drive the six-and-a-half hours to my parents house while I sleep the entire way, mouth open, snoring?

If you answered yes to all of the above questions, (Or even just to the first one)...

I want a baby.

Mexican Mike said...

Well not over 30 yet, in a couple of months, 31, I like riding bikes. Everything else I am except a red head but nothing a dye job can't fix, ;-). As for the snoring, don't mind it at all :-).

Mexican Mike said...

I like eccentric people, make life more fun and interesting :-)

A Lady Reveals Nothing said...


Hanna said...

Well, at least your hair has grown out...

A Lady Reveals Nothing said...


Summer said, "well you look skinny"...

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