Tuesday, February 21, 2012

So Nice of You to Bring Your Little Brother

A few years back I went on a snowboarding trip to Colorado with some friends.  As we were trudging from the car to the chalet to buy our tickets, I noticed my reflection in the window of a car and saw a genderless, ageless little thing in a helmet and goggles.

"Aw nuts, I look like a little boy", I lamented.

We laughed.

Cory went up to the window to pay, and I was standing behind him.  "Two adults, one child."  he said.  I thought for sure the lady would be all, "HAHA!  No way!  That is a beautiful, voluptuous, professional businesswoman in her late twenties", but instead she just looked at me, nodded, and gave us the tickets.

I looked at the big sign.

"Child" = 12 years old and under.


Just kidding.  It's my 11-year-old nephew Miles.



DB Stewart said...

Yup. Twins.

Sarah said...

Listen Son, sometimes you look like a girl.

Nikkiana said...

I wouldn't complain. Kids ski cheaper. ;)

A Lady Reveals Nothing said...

You guys all make very good points.


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