Saturday, March 3, 2012

Hal's Response to My Feature on

I called my mom so we could freak out together about my interview, and my dad hopped on the line.

"You're endelved* on MY heart, Kady.  Screw Forbes."

Then my mom told me about how she had to explain my Angelina's Leg photo to him and he didn't get it, even after five minutes of explanation.  He piped in again.  "That's a raunchous* lie.  It was more like 18 seconds.  And just because I don't agree with crazy people doesn't mean I don't get it."

Endelved:  Engraved, written permanently, or something.
Raunchous:  "Excessively great", according to my dad.

*Please be amazed at my ability to spell properly the words my dad makes up.


Kerry said...

Totally raunchous! That's a hybrid neologism if i ever saw one.

But Forbes, how cool is that? I thought they were maybe posting your excellent financial advice, but it's your travel savvy that did it. Congrats!

Stephanie Loudmouth said...

Your dad rules. Love that picture. Congrats on Forbes!

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