Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Two Peas in a Podcast

Yesterday a reader commented, "I want to sell tickets to you talking."  Well, good news, "Dan": here are five minutes of me talking with Summer from Hobo Siren.  

And it's free!  *(do not buy tickets from Dan)

Hit play, (laugh) and stay tuned for upcoming episodes, every Wednesday.

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Uncle Larry said...

I vaguely remember introducing you two. Now I'm thinking, 'Oh my, what have I created!!!'

Kerry said...

Can't imagine whyyyyyyy Summer might think you are crazy...why would she do that? Why.

Kelly said...


Mom said...

Kady, if everybody and their mothers have podcasts you must not be anybody. haha
Also, here is an idea for a podcast: it would be funny to discuss how you deal with your "in-laws".

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