Thursday, March 29, 2012

Summer-isms, Vol. 28

"...and that's why you should never trust a man who loves you."

"That sounds SO smelly."

"My back cracks so good since I got cupped."

"...cuz you can take an ugly picture of yourself and look really pretty."

"My teeth were so straight five hours ago."


Kerry said...

You have so many great Summer-isms that I wonder if you have a little notebook where you jot them down, sneaky-like? And she writes down what you say too?

If I lived in the twin cities I'd call you two up and we could go see the Hunger Games for a 3rd time. I would even let you borrow "Songs from District 12" if you don't already own it. I feel sure you'd love it.

A Lady Reveals Nothing said...

I use my iPhone, under "notes" and she uses the recording thing on her iPhone. There's always a moment of "oh crap" when we realized we just got "ism"ed

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