Thursday, March 15, 2012

Summer-isms, Vol. 27, Podcast Edition

"I feel like IPA is medicine, thats a bad attitude isn't it?" 

"Hobos are getting really trendy right now."

"My feet smell like corn chips."

"It doesn't smell like a burp it smells like a meal." 

"I'm proud of this. I think?"  

"God, we're interesting." 


Sarah said...

I saw that picture on my blogger dashboard as a thumbnail and I laughed until I had tears.

Mom said...

Everytime I see this picture I think of the Sisty-Ugler grabbing her pearls off Cinderella's dress.

Jenny said...

Beer is totally medicinal. For realz. There's medicinal beer cookbooks, and a nettle ale is to die for. And they all cure hangovers! This is a great attitude!

jess said...

Dudes, when people start throwing Hobo themed weddings, you know they've gone mainstream.

Kerry said...

IPA is medicine. It cures all kinds of stuff. You can ask my husband, who is a doctor, sort of.

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