Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Garbage Can Feed and My Nephew is all Graduated

Want to feed 100 people? In the Redneck way?

Just take a simple metal garbage can, rig it up inside with the grill rack from your Weber, fill the bottom with water, load it up with delicious vegetables and meats and voila!  

It's actually probably the most delicious meal I had all month. My baby nephew Skeeter graduated high school way up north in Cook, MN and here's the meal my sister and her husband prepared for the masses. I didn't get to see it from start to finish unfortunately, but I watched them empty the can. So here it is from the middle to the end, backwards:

Garbage can, set up on some concrete blocks and a fire underneath. See where those bolts are on the side? That's where the grill rack sits, and that's about how much water to put in the bottom.

A close up of the fire.
Completely fill it up, and add a bunch of butter on top and a couple cans of beer. The butter will trickle down as it melts and eventually end up in the water and be part of the yummy yummy steam.

Let it cook over the flame for about an hour, then have two hefty men lift it off.

Remove lid.

Remove contents.

OK so here's kind of how it was layered, in backwards order, since I only saw it coming out:

Everything was added in order of how long it might take to cook, with the longest items near the bottom, and the quicker items near the top.

Removing more...to reveal potatoes.

And finally corn, husks on.

Keri and Kelly, fighting and racing as usual.

At the bottom is the water and the grill rack.
Can of melted butter to dip the shucked corn

Ok so as far as I could tell, you add all your corn in the husks at the bottom, top with potatoes, then carrots, squash, onions, cabbage and brats.  Add the butter and the beer. There's some turnips in there too but what the heck are they, even? Steam for an hour and then eat and fart for the rest of the night. Yah. That's right. Cabbage.

Other things you should probably do at these functions -- play some games...:

(Nice face, Karley)

...make a killer bonfire:

I'm pretty short, but still!

...and, if you're the Graduate, you could practice shooting your brand new bow from your awesome little sister Hanna:

Congratulations, Skeeter!


Hanna said...

You didn't say how we buttered and ate the corn. Or canoeing/paddleboating.

chris said...

Yea, Kady, What about that other stuff. I'm surprised that the corn was on the bottom. I usually only cook it for 5 minutes, but, hey, what do I know. I use pots and pans. Looked like a fun time!

Anonymous said...

Lisa Said...
This is THE best meal ever!!! I request it every time I go back to michigan. They call it a "hobo meal" there. My bro-in-law has rigged up the garbage can with a burner on the bottom attached to a propane tank. Brilliant! We just have to watch whats being added along the way. Some in the family like to add a beer or two! Delish!!!!

A Lady Reveals Nothing said...

Oh crap! There was beer in it. I updated the post -- Also Hanna there were so many photos of the canoeing and paddle boating I'm gonna do a separate post.

Kerry said...

It's like a gigantic slow cooker, amazing. I didn't realize you could cook stuff in a trash can. We used to do a mini version of this in a coffee can but this is way better!

Kim said...

The corn takes longer this way because it's unshucked and packed tightly. If anyone plans to try this at home, cover it tightly, place over the fire, bring the water to a boil, and then cook it for one hour. Don't lift the lid.
--signed, Garbage Can Hostess

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