Thursday, June 28, 2012

My Mom.

I want my mom to tell this story so bad.


But my stupid, stupid phone was too full of dumb pictures like this...

Come on. Hilarious.

...and the video cut out. So I'll finish telling the story here.

To review: My mom accidentally passed gas at Menards (to relieve some pressure. There was no sharting.) She sent my dad off to shop in an attempt to scrunch collect herself.

The rest of the story goes something like this:

Once the storm had calmed, they met up again. As they were walking through the aisles near the 'incident', they saw a Menards employee -- on hands and knees -- sniff testing underneath all of the gas grills, presumably to look for a noxious chemical leak because something stunk THAT bad and someone had obviously reported it.

Ol' Hal grabbed my Mom's hand in a valiant act of solidarity and escorted her out of the store, heads held high.

1 comment:

norwhales are the new unicorn said...

I told my mom the story and we both had a really good laugh. Thanks for making another mom and daughter's day.

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