Friday, June 22, 2012


Some -isms from my hilarious niece Hanna:

"See that old lady? That's my Grandma."

"I don't like being in charge of myself in general."

"Intestines never look good."

"Ugh. I HATE bean bags."

On trying a one-piece swimsuit for the first time: "It's like my butt decided to wear underwear and the rest of my body said, 'Hey! Let's share!'"

My little doppelgänger.


Anonymous said...

seriously hilarious.
i can only hope you keep chronicling her throughout the years

DB Stewart said...

I agree with Morgan.

jess said...

she's right, intestines don't ever look good

A Lady Reveals Nothing said...

Nobody's safe from my chronicling, Morgan.

Anonymous said...

Hers another one

Upon complementing her on her accomplishment of reaching 5 foot 2inces in hight she said "i set that goal back when i was 4 10 it seemed unthinkable back then. I figured thats the talest i could be without being a giant."

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